Enlarged Detail

Karl ZotterKarl Zotter's passion has always been the photography of large groups. To this end he purchased the largest existing mobile photo stand up to 800 people with which he tours accross the Austrian border, shooting groups from companies and schools and even high ranked military officers. The step to the panorama was a logical extension from this know-how.

Over two years Karl Zotter had been following the technical development and progress in digital photography before he invested into a new system in 2010, convinced that this innovation would offer him new possibilities in photography. Karl Zotter relies on an entirely new message in his work, a message that invites people again to view images in their full depth.

A panoramic image consisted up till now of a number of individual frames. This special camera, however, produces a high resolution scan by one fast rotation only. The camera can thus capture the entire 360 degree view through an exposure time which is as fast as 1/2000 sec. This makes panoramic photography „vivid“, as this allows to capture scenes in motion without letting the image become absurd.

His panorama photography requires a high level of effort, and related to that smart thinking. The location is carefully selected and all processes well thought through. It is important to wait for the right moment to capture a "mass emotion".

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